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This is Where Champions...Become!

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With so many pressures and unexpected changes happening during a very unique time of life, it's good to be reminded that everything is going to be okay and to hear someone say... "You Got This, Sis!"

In recognition of Health Literacy Month, we are coming to connect with you to check in and make sure that you are well - spirit, soul and body!

Join us for an afternoon of laughter, activities and a time of encouragement as we check in with YOU.  For more information, to sign up for an appointment or to find out how you can connect in your city, click below or call:

(818) 966-2297.





Here for the W.I.N. Global actively works to bridge the gap of Mental Wealth®, trade inequalities, and total wellness health disparities among women. 


The focus of the Here for the W.I.N mission is to invest in the development and total well-being of juvenile, young adult and adult women in the following primary areas of conversion:

       I.          Economic Advancement

       II.         Community Inclusion Opportunities

       III.        Total Body Wellness, inclusive of:

                    - Improved Nutrition Strategies

                    - Targeted Personal Fitness & Physical Health Goals

                    - Mental Wealth® Enrichment Opportunities

                    - Personal Development Conversion

                    - Spiritual Growth Connections


Overall, Here for the W.I.N. Global provides life-building strategies, tools and individualized support to those seeking greater life fulfillment.

Here for the W.I.N. Global is actively seeks to connect with and support youth and young adult women achieve their academic, professional and personal development goals, and we need your help to do this.

Here for the W.I.N. Global Corporation is a life-conversion resource for women, focusing on economic advancement, community inclusion and total body wellness objectives.  We are an agency of support and service in which we provide individuals with tools to help them achieve their personal and professional goals through self-advocacy and intentionally investing toward becoming their “best selves.”

For more information on how you can help make a difference in the lives of others, contact us below.

"Champions don't become champions because they never lose. Champions become who they are because they refuse to quit!"

Upcoming Events

"You Got This, Sis!"
Brush & Brew Fellowship - Sacramento, CA
Saturday, March 18, 2023

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